Webinars with Michael Yapko, PhD

Did you know that renowned clinical hypnosis expert Micheal Yapko, PhD (author of the classic text Trancework, now its 4th edition) has made 2 online seminars — “webinars” — featuring NPHTI’s co-founders/directors?

In the webinar “Childhood Anxiety, Fear and Worries: Indiviudalizing Hypnosis for Self-Regulation,” Dr. Yapko interviews Pam Kaiser, PhD, CPNP, CNS to draw upon her vast experiences and expertise in crafting strategic, tailored interventions to help children master their stress responses. In “Kids and Hypnosis: When and Why,” Dr. Yapko has a lively conversation with Dan Kohen, MD about integrating child developmental principles into hypnosis.

Each webinar is wonderful and unique, and we highly recommend them — they have all the practical tips, ideas, and suggestions that you’d expect to discover when listening in on an intimate conversation between innovative masters of clinical hypnosis!

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