Hypnosis for Healing with Cheryl Bemel, PhD

One of NPHTI’s instructors, Dr. Cheryl Bemel, was interviewed for a segment on a Minneapolis morning show to answer common questions about clinical hypnosis.  In this clip, Dr. Bemel explains common misconceptions about hypnosis and all the ways in which it helps people make positive changes for their well-being and health.  This exemplifies the way in […]

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Solutions and Empowerment: Pediatric Hypnosis in General Pediatrics

We recently received an unsolicited email from a colleague in Switzerland, Dr. Camilla Ceppi, a former NPHTI workshop participant (and more recently, faculty member!). We present her email below, with her permission. She begins by recounting a story that reminds us how the everyday experiences of children are interwoven with moments of wonder — hypnotic moments that […]

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NPHTI Commentary and Recommendations about Recent Court Settlement in Florida

Recently the Huffington Post offered the following sensational headline: “Families Of Teens Who Died After Hypnosis By Principal Will Get $600,000” Does that get your attention?   These tragic events surely got ours in a very negative way. According to an NBC News article (October 8, 2015 by M. Alex Johnson) entitled, “Florida Schools Settle With […]

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Advancing Health and Care

We are proud and very happy to announce that NPHTI faculty Laurence Sugarman, MD, is writing a regular column for the popular Psychology Today website. Entitled “On and Off the Spectrum: Helping Children Grow their Minds,” Dr. Sugarman’s blog will be the only regular feature (so far!) on Psychology Today to highlight how children and teens benefit from therapies such as self-hypnosis […]

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Review Article by NPHTI Co-Founders Describes the “What, Why and How” of Hypnosis for Children and Adolescents

Are you looking for an outstanding summary of the past 30+ years of pediatric clinical hypnosis? Well, look no further! — Drs. Daniel Kohen and Pamela Kaiser, co-founders and co-directors of the National Pediatric Hypnosis Training Institute, have just published their review article entitled, “Clinical Hypnosis with Children and Adolescents—What? Why? How?: Origins, Applications, and Efficacy” (Children 2014, […]

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