Our Mission

The National Pediatric Hypnosis Training Institute (NPHTI) is a nonprofit (501c3) organization with a VISION that children will develop skills to regulate and control their emotions, behavior, and mind-body reactions, and be confident in their capacities.


NPHTI’s MISSION is to be an educational and communication resource for health professionals and parents regarding therapeutic hypnosis to maximize the overall well-being of children and teens  

To accomplish this mission, NPHTI provides:

  • training in ongoing clinical hypnosis skill development for advanced practice pediatric clinicians to assist children and teens in developing self-regulation, optimizing resilience related to medical and mental health issues and stressful experiences, and maximizing well-being and peak performance.


  • a Resource Center for (1) parents and professionals to identify and locate NPHTI trained clinicians in their area and (2) to access literature and media resources regarding the most pertinent and current clinical and research information in the field of pediatric hypnosis.


  • a Communication Hub for bringing together child health clinicians locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally who share a vision of empowering children in health and illness through education and self-regulation


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