Hypnosis for chronic abdominal pain in children works long-term

We are pleased to announce that our colleague and friend, Carla Frankenhuis, will be coming all the way from the Netherlands for NPHTI 2012 as a new member of our Faculty! Stay tuned for more information on that….

And in the meantime, you can read her recently published, cutting-edge research, “Long-Term Follow-Up of Gut-Directed Hypnotherapy vs. Standard Care in Children With Functional Abdominal Pain or Irritable Bowel Syndrome,” which showed the persistence of complete remission of pediatric chronic abdominal pain after treatment with clinical hypnosis. They found that children between 8- and 18-years-old experienced nearly-complete pain relief upon first learning hypnotic techniques (documented in their previous study), AND that more than 2 out 3 of these children remained pain-free after 3-6 years (and counting!) of follow-up (whereas only about 1 in 5 of the children who received “standard medical treatment and supportive counseling” remained pain-free over the same time frame). 

It’s something that those of us who use hypnotic methods in our clinical work with children have come to appreciate — clinical hypnosis during childhood can have a long-term positive impact as children grow up.

When you’re ready to begin using these highly practical, long-lasting skills in your practice, or to keep getting better at using them, REGISTER FOR THE NPHTI 2012 FALL WORKSHOP!  Go to www.cmecourses.umn.edu, scroll down to September 20-22, 2012, pick your course – INTRODUCTORY, INTERMEDIATE or ADVANCED, complete the forms and start the process… we’ll look forward to seeing you sign up!

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