Hypnotic and Self-Regulatory Approaches to Helping Children with Autism and Their Families

Children and families affected by autism spectrum disorder benefit greatly from using the types of self-regulation strategies  that we teach to clinicians who attend our NPHTI workshops. When we use clinical hypnosis and biofeedback with young people and families affected with autism spectrum disorders, we help them learn to ease transitions for themselves and to moderate their reactivity to whatever is stressful for them.

Two weeks ago, one of our faculty and the coordinator of our Intermediate-level workshop, Laurence Sugarman, MD, had the pleasure of doing an hourlong live show with a National Public Radio affiliate, WXXI, in Rochester, NY.  As Dr. Sugarman notes, “It was particularly gratifying to demystify hypnosis and biofeedback.  The show was so popular that it has been released as a podcast (and is being rebroadcast).”  Highly recommended listening for parents and clinicians!

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