What’s nifty about NPHTI

One of the best things about NPHTI is that we get to spread the word about how pediatric clinicians can teach children/teens with medical and/or mental health care needs a most valuable lifelong skill (self-hypnosis). Our workshops instill the skills clinicians need to successfully “coach” children to do self-hypnosis — how they can focus their attention inward and give themselves therapeutic self-suggestions. When children learn to do this gentle, easy use of imagination, it gives them new hope and a sense of mastery and competence, as it helps them give themselves:

  • more comfort and healing (less pain, itching, trauma, etc)
  • more inside self-regulation of their bodily symptoms (tummy turmoil, nausea, tics, headaches)
  • more control over distressful emotions (fear, anxiety, dread, grief)
  • more control over distressing thoughts (worries about death, surgery, etc)
  • change unhelpful behaviors (withdrawal, collapse/freezing up, avoidance, aggression, unhealthy habits).

These are just a few of the reasons that training in pediatric hypnosis is so delightful and energizing — whether attending your first workshop or your forty-first!

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