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Clinical Hypnosis is a therapeutic intervention with empirical support for a variety of clinical conditions: including procedure-related and chronic pain, anxiety disorders, stress-related conditions, habit problems, sleep disturbance, and various medical conditions. NPHTI workshops provide training in the use of clinical hypnosis and its applications to children and teens with various conditions in pediatric settings.

Our workshops are offered at three levels (Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced) depending on the clinician’s previous training in pediatric hypnosis. Strong emphasis is placed on experiential learning, with supervised practice of hypnotic techniques suitable for children/teens, and of integrating a developmental perspective.



NPHTI workshops are ideal for skill development for anyone with:
  • Doctoral Degree in Medicine, Psychology, Nursing, or Dentistry
  • Masters Degree in Social Work, Marriage and Family Counseling, or Clinical or Counseling Psychology
  • Masters Degree in Nursing or a Registered Nurse with a Masters Degree and subspecialty training or certification (e.g. APRN, CPNP, CNS)
  • Other Advanced degree clinicians (e.g. Occupational & Physical Therapists, Speech & Language Pathologists, et al.)
  • Child Life Specialists holding a Doctoral, Masters, or Bachelors degree
  • Full-time Interns/residents/Fellows or graduate students in accredited programs leading to these clinical degrees above will be accepted when they supply a letter from their department on letterhead stationery, attesting to their current full-time status, specifying timing of training (month and year). 


Introductory Workshop: Build skills in hypnosis as a therapeutic intervention for children/teens experiencing a variety of clinical conditions with special focus on pain management, anxiety, and sleep. This workshop is for those without prior pediatric-specific hypnosis training. 

Intermediate Workshop: Refine and expand existing hypnosis skills in broader clinical applications, plus further your assessment and individualized treatment approaches for patients and their families. Participants must have prior pediatric-specific hypnosis training and experience in using clinical hypnosis with pediatric patients. Completion of a Prior Learning/Needs Assessment questionnaire is required prior your registration being accepted for this workshop.

Advanced Workshop: This 23-hour intensive meeting is designed to fulfill the requirements for attaining ASCH Certification in Clinical Hypnosis and/or to obtain the hours of consultation necessary to become an ASCH-Approved Consultant. To qualify for this workshop, participants must have previous pediatric hypnosis training and regularly use pediatric hypnosis in your clinical practice. Advanced participants must submit in advance, and bring and present a DVD of hypnotic work with a patient and a corresponding typed case vignette of the video. Space is limited!

Please let either of us know if you have questions about what workshop is best for you.

Dan Kohen,M.D., ABMH  ( and Pamela Kaiser, Ph.D., CPNP,  (

Co-Founders and Co-Directors

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