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This NPHTI Archive maintains brochures from prior years’ workshops and other educational offerings. This serves both to honor our faculty as well as to document our curricula as they develop and evolve over time. For upcoming workshops, please visit our workshops page.

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Webinar Archives

Below you will find a list of past NPHTI webinars, including the date the webinar was held, the topic, and the facilitator. For upcoming webinars, please visit our webinars page.


July 21, 2020

"NPHTI Guidelines..."
Karen Olness, MD; Pamela Kaiser, PhD, CPNP; Daniel Kohen, MD, FAAP, ABMH

August 18, 2020

"Resilience to Stress: Learning to Tolerate Uncertainty"
Pamela Kaiser, PhD, CPNP

September 15, 2020 "Acute and Procedural Pain: Big Picture to Specific Tools"
Jody D. Thomas, PhD
October 20, 2020 "Integrating Conversational Hypnosis into Clinical Encounters"
Robert Pendergrast, MD
November 17, 2020 "Utilization in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Headaches"
Daniel Kohen, MD, FAAP, ABMH
December 15, 2020 "Resilience to Anxiety: Fostering a Growth Mindset"
Pamela Kaiser, PhD, CPNP
January 19, 2021 "Hypnosis with Teenagers: Individualizing their Hypnotic Experience"
Leora Kuttner, PhD & Melanie Gold, DO
February 23, 2021 "Sleep Dysregulation: How Hypnosis Can Help"
Eileen Poulin, MD
March 16, 2021 "Hypnosis for Pediatric GI Conditions"
Jeff Lazarus, MD
April 20, 2021 "Back to Basics: Cultivating a Beginner's Mind in Hypnosis with Children"
Adam Keating, MD
May 18, 2021 "Hypnotic Strategies for Neurodiverse Youth"
Andy Barnes, MD
June 15, 2021 "Activating Hypnosis: When Hypnosis is not Relaxation"
Laurence Sugarman, MD