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Individualized Consultation is provided in the Advanced Workshop for those health and mental health care practitioners interested in enhancing their knowledge and expertise in the use of pediatric hypnosis. This 23 hour intensive meeting is designed to fulfill the requirements for attaining ASCH Certification in Clinical Hypnosis and/or to obtain the hours of consultation necessary to become an Approved Consultant.

In addition to providing evidence of previous pediatric hypnosis training and regular use of hypnosis in their clinical practice with children and teens, Advanced participants must bring and present a video recording of hypnotic work with a pediatric patient and a corresponding typed case vignette of the video. A “Prior Learning /Needs Assessment” questionnaire must be completed prior to applying for this workshop.

Individuals attending this program must have completed ASCH-approved Basic and Intermediate Workshops focused on pediatric hypnosis (such as NPHTI, or those formerly taught by NPHTI faculty via the Society of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics) and should be using hypnosis with children and youth regularly in their professional practice. The format is unique and one in which participants meet and consult in a small group setting with fellow practitioners and a group of facilitators who are ASCH approved consultants.

This model encourages and expects participants to learn from one another, to have their own expertise affirmed and expanded, and to network with other professionals in pediatric clinical hypnosis. During the consultation workshop the focus is upon issues unique to each practitioner’s specialties and practice.

Educational Objectives

  • Refine therapeutic listening and language skills in “finding the hypnosis in the encounter”
  • Improve competence in tailoring the hypnotic approach to match the child’s developmental level
  • Expand skills in treatment planning
  • Enhance ability – apply hypnotic strategies in broader clinical situations, e.g. chronic illness, acuteand chronic pain, palliative care, anxiety, habits, sleep problems, and elimination disorders
  • Perform with competence and confidence in teaching children and families self-hypnosis skills

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