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NPHTI invites you to our monthly 2023-2024 Webinar Series

Tune in the third Tuesday of every month at 11:00am - 12:15pm Central time

  • For clinicians who have completed a pediatric or adult Fundamentals / Introductory hypnosis training (20+ hours workshop)

  • Each of the 7 webinars focuses on clinical issues: how to incorporate pediatric hypnosis via telehealth

  • Practical and relevant strategies from NPHTI’s faculty

  • Ample time for Q & A

  • 1.25 hours of continuing education (per webinar) for most health professionals

  • You can view the webinars via live broadcast on the scheduled date and time OR you can view on-demand and watch the webinar at your convenience. In either event, you MUST register prior to the start of the webinar to get access to the live or on-demand recording.  

Registration Details

  • Registration in advance is required ($55/webinar) for either live broadcasts or on-demand viewing at your convenience 

  • If you meet the criteria listed – i.e. as a clinician who has completed a pediatric or adult Fundamentals / Introductory hypnosis training (20+ hours workshop) – and are on the NPHTI listserv, you will automatically receive an email invitation to register for the webinars

  • Important Note: NPHTI Webinars (1.25 hours each) provide information about the use of pediatric hypnosis. By contrast, NPHTI Pediatric Hypnosis Skills Training Workshops (22+ hrs.) provide didactic sessions and extensive experiential learning /supervised practice of such skills). NPHTI does not endorse clinicians’ use of pediatric hypnosis without taking a pediatric-specific hypnosis skills training Workshop (20+ hrs.)

2023-24 Webinar Series Schedule


September 19

“Hypnosis in the Management of Adolescent Depression”
Michael Yapko, PhD

“Using Hypnosis with Anxious Children: Tolerating Uncertainty, Building Flexibility, and Normalizing Symptoms”
Lynn Lyons, LICSW

November 28


February 19

“Iatrogenic Tears in the Clinic: Immunizations and Hypnosis”
Ralph Berberich, MD

“Spoiled for Choice: Pediatric Hypnosis and Integrative Medicine (IM) Modalities”

Lynn Gershan, MD

"Evidence Based Hypnosis for Pediatric G.I. Problems"

Arine Vlieger, MD

March 19

May 21

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