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What has NPHTI meant to you?  Has a training workshop changed your professional life?  Has your child been helped by a NPHTI trained professional?  Have you found a community of like-minded child-health professionals who share your passion for learning, doing good work, and making a difference?  We are so glad you found us!


Your tax-deductible gift will help us move into the future securely, prepared to continue this legacy of life-changing training into the next generation.  Thank you! 

Here's how you can help:

Mail a check

100% of your donation goes to NPHTI

Bank transfer with Zelle

100% of your donation goes to NPHTI

Send money with Venmo

A small  processing fee is deducted from your donation

Use a credit card with Stripe

A small processing fee is deducted from your donation

Share your NPHTI experience

Your referral is the most powerful donation to NPHTI's future!

Mail a check, made out to NPHTI, to the address of our Treasurer:

Robert Pendergrast, MD

122 Bonhill Street

North Augusta, SC 29860

Make a direct transfer from your bank to NPHTI's Bank of America account using Zelle. NPHTI's Zelle account is identified by the email address of our treasurer, drpendergrast[at]gmail[dot]com

Note: Dr. Pendergrast's email has been formatted above to avoid bots. When donating with Zelle, use @ and .com according to standard email format.

Click here for a simple, secure donation using Venmo. You can also scan the QR code to go directly to our Venmo page:

NPHTI Stripe QR code.png

And finally, share this with your colleagues and friends. Someone told you about NPHTI long ago, who knows what might happen for someone new!


If you are unsure about how to donate to NPHTI and want to talk about it, contact our treasurer, Dr. Robert Pendergrast,  at drpendergrast[at]gmail[dot]com.

Be a part of NPHTI's future!

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