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The focus in this workshop is on refining and expanding existing hypnosis skills in broader clinical applications, and furthering assessment and individualized treatment approaches that promote the development of self-regulation for patients and their families. Clinical videotapes and case vignettes are integral components of presentations.

Those interested in receiving Intermediate instruction must provide evidence of previous training in pediatric hypnosis (minimum of 20 hours specific to pediatric hypnosis, e.g. NPHTI Introductory-level). Participants must also have experience in using clinical hypnosis with pediatric patients. A “Prior Learning/Needs Assessment” questionnaire must be completed prior to registering for this workshop. This is not a beginning level course.

This workshop level focuses on the utilization approach to clinical hypnosis — the “how and why to do what, and when” — as pioneered by Milton Erickson, MD.  He viewed “hypnotherapy as a process whereby we help people utilize their own mental associations, memories, and life potentials to achieve their own therapeutic goals. Hypnotic suggestion can facilitate the utilization of abilities and potentials that already exist within a person but that remain unused or underdeveloped because of a lack of training or understanding.” (Erickson, M.H. and Rossi, E.L. Hypnotherapy: An Exploratory Casebook. 1979)

Educational Objectives

  • Refine therapeutic listening and language skills in “finding the hypnosis in the encounter”
  • Improve competence in tailoring the hypnotic approach to match the child’s developmental level
  • Expand skills in treatment planning
  • Enhance ability – apply hypnotic strategies in broader clinical situations, e.g. chronic illness, acute and chronic pain, palliative care, anxiety, habits, sleep problems, and elimination disorders
  • Perform with competence and confidence in teaching children and families self-hypnosis skills

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