Introductory Workshop

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This workshop, which is for those without prior pediatric-specific hypnosis training. teaches basic skill-building in hypnosis as a therapeutic intervention for children and teens experiencing a variety of clinical conditions. Particular focus is on pain, anxiety, and sleep, as well as examples of other pediatric conditions. Instructional videotapes and case vignettes are an integral component of presentations.

Experiential learning is strongly emphasized (this workshop provides more than double the amount offered in most introductory hypnosis workshops), including group exercises and supervised small group practice focused on the structure and elements of clinical hypnosis with children/teens.

Educational Objectives

  • List the stages of hypnosis
  • Describe hypnosis as a process of therapeutic communication
  • Describe and demonstrate four pediatric hypnosis induction methods
  • Identify four developmental considerations influencing hypnotic techniques
  • Describe a hypnotic method for intensification, suggestions, utilization and talking in trance
  • Describe the processes of re-alerting and debriefing
  • List four applications for pediatric hypnosis
  • Describe and demonstrate, for each situation, a hypnotherapeutic approach for children experiencing procedural pain, chronic and recurrent pain, clinical anxiety and sleep disturbance
  • Outline a strategy for getting started using hypnosis in clinical practice

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