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NPHTI offers state-of-the-art training and skill development for child health professionals in the art and science of pediatric clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Visit our calendar for UPCOMING TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES, including workshops and webinars!

In collaboration with Health Frontiers, NPHTI founded the Comfort Kit Initiative in 2022 to provide emotional aid to children around the world facing trauma from violence, disasters, and war. Visit https://comfortkitsforchildren.org for more information and ways to contribute.


The National Pediatric Hypnosis Training Institute (NPHTI = nifty!) began in 2010, when our faculty came together to found the organization after teaching together in various pediatric hypnosis venues for over 25 years. NPHTI celebrated our 10th Anniversary Workshops in October 2019.

NPHTI is the world’s premier resource for:

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Our expert faculty represent the finest in research, publication, education, patient care, and leadership in Pediatric Hypnosis around the globe. You can connect with the NPHTI community through:

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